About us

Your car can do more. Did you know that?

Bigger wheels, rough tire tread, lifted suspension, bottom and engine protections make it possible to surmount forest cuttings and forest block clearings, or even pits of Kaunas roads.

Or maybe you want to feel special?                                                                

Widened fenders, large diameter wheels with notably wide tires, and a delicate shining bumper bar will contribute to your car’s muscular American style all-terrain vehicle image.

We can upgrade the car’s interior as well as exterior with the newly sheathed leather steering wheel, gear knob, or even the entire interior; and, as well, we can change the color of the outside without dyeing (car wrapping).

We can, if needed, darken the glass of the car, we can equip the car with a high-end multimedia or audio-system and even a desired comfort equipment. If you just need a reliable automobile for work, we will trim any type of jeep, SUV or usual car according to your needs: we will select the wheels, tires, suspension height, additional lights or twinkling lights.


The objective of the UAB “PREMUS” is to render the SUV-type automobile drivers the possibility to discover the alternative manner of their vehicle utilization: to enjoy its advantages not only in the stream of cars in the city, but on a journey in nature as well, because the driver of a modified automobile may feel much more safe when going along the wet meadow or powdery sand, going up a steep hill or down a spring ford.


We will liberate the hidden possibilities of your automobile, and help you to appreciate it even more.