There are quite a lot of people that ride snow-covered or sodden forest roads. It is a routine way home for the residents of the steadings; it is part of their daily work for the foresters and geodesists, and fun for motor tourists. Many people think that only drivers of powerful and expensive jeeps may go off-road. However, when specifically arranged, even a usual four-wheel-drive car may be fitted to cross difficult sections of the roads.

We provide a special service called suspension lift. It is the enhancement of the car potential. We enlarge the diameter of the tire instead of the wheel rim. With the help of special technology we can turn any SUV-type car into a proper jeep.

It took three years of hard work and effort for our enterprise to create a unique SUBARU automobile suspension lift kit that helps us to lift the ground clearance of any SUBARU automobile even up to 10 cm.

An automobile with a lifted suspension, with right-selected wheels, and a reliable bottom protection shields endows the driver with a greater freedom of movement. The potential of such modified car is next to that of a true jeep or sometimes even excels it. At the same time, however, the car retains its original driving features as well as low maintenance cost, if compared to jeeps with a bigger frame construction.



The purpose of the car bottom protection shield is to protect the engine and the gearbox cover from a damaging blow onto a hard surface.

These kinds of shields are especially important for the owners of automobiles with automatic transmission, because the lower part (carter) of such gearbox is made of thin tin, and all electrical and mechanical elements are mounted straight above it. Eve a seemingly light blow onto a hard soil or an ice lump may damage the gearbox or some part of the engine, and end up in high repair costs.


Rear bumper guards are also very important for the drivers of Subaru, Honda, Nissan and other SUV-type automobiles. The bumpers of the most of the above-mentioned cars are made with no lower plane, and because of that such bumpers may be easily torn when going up a higher hill, or parking besides a higher edge, as well as catching a lump of frozen sand or a snow crust.


We propose our clients especially light, firm and reliable bottom protection shields that are made of 5, 6 or 8 mm thickness special hardened duralumin.


The weight of the protection shields is from 7 kg, they do not corrode and require no additional paint or care.


We suggest supplementary carcasses of steel bars for the rally or off-read automobiles.



Every bottom protection edition is unique, and because of that all bottom protections are sold only when fitted at our enterprise.