Subaru Service

We exceptionally specialize only in Subaru automobiles.

We render the services of repairing, renewing, suspension lift, replacing of automobile shock absorbers;

We repair engines, replace engine belts, gaskets;

We repair gear boxes, clutches; transmission speed reducers, install limited slip differentials;

We assemble bottom and engine protections, front bars, electrical winches, and hooks;

We repair the electrical part of the automobiles, fit additional lights and protection systems.
We perform the diagnostics of all types of Subaru automobiles. Using the OBD, EOBD, OBD2, and other protocols we can check the electrical part of Subaru models starting from 1989 up to the latest ones.
We can scan the indications of electrical chains of the engine (Check Engine), automatic transmission (AT Gearbox & Transfer Case), brakes (ABS), airbags (SRS), auto-cruise system (Cruise Control); as well, in new automobile models we can scan the indications of the electrical chains of the steering wheel systems or other systems of the car body.

We can scan errors and see live parameters. As well, we can check ABS sensors, and anti-detonation sensors using particular, specialized equipment. 
We render speed indicator dimensions from miles to kilometers, and, as well, from Fahrenheit to Celsius in temperature measurements. 
We fit the purposed LPG mechanism ONLY in Subaru type automobiles.


We repair both petrol and diesel types of Subaru Boxer engines.


We perform both the capital repair of entire engine, and the routine check-up:

valve adjustment (important when using LPG);

replacement of essential belts, spark plugs, lubricants;

cleaning of air dampers, EGR systems.


We repair gear boxes and transmission speed reducers of all types of Subaru automobiles.


We replace clutches, and install limited slip differentials into transmission speed reducers;

We change numbers of the gear forwarding (important for those who substitute common wheels with bigger ones):

For those who have automatic transmission, we repair the mechanism of the back gearing.


We accept individual orders and replace standard engines by more powerful ones; we also substitute automatic transmissions with mechanical ones.

We render a kind of unconventional services of tire pressure gauge programming and electronic solutions of catalytic system ineffectiveness.


For those who come from distant cities we have special offers or a replacement car.